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CNC 6040 VS CNC 3040, What Are Their Differences?

CNC 6040 VS CNC 3040, What Are Their Differences?

ChinaCNCzone 2016-01-06 15:00:38

CNC 6040 VS CNC 3040, What Are Their Differences?
cnc 3040

CNC 6040 and CNC 3040 are our hot sale mini CNC routers, and we always update these two models according to customer’s actual needs as below:

1.Both of them can be connected with Notebook by USB interfaces by USB software.
2.Both of them can be updated from 3 axis CNC router into 4 axis CNC router directly.
3.CNC router 3040 has new version of 500W DC Spindle.
4.CNC 6040 router has new version of 2200W water cooled spindle.

And most customers would like to know what are the differences between CNC 6040 and CNC 3040, actually each one have its own advantages, and generally speaking, CNC 6040 is more powerful and can undertake more tasks. 

Below are the professional comparisons between our CNC 6040 and CNC 3040, hope it can be help to make your decision when you do not know which is suitable for you.
Hope our effects can help customers to make decision.
Their difference lies in
1) Working area, CNC 3040 is 300x400x55mm, CNC 6040 is 600x400x75mm
2) Spindle, CNC 3040 is 230W or 500W air-cooling DC spindle, CNC 6040 is water-cooling variable frequency spindle, 1500W and 2200W for choose.
3) Driver, CNC 3040 is X, Y, Z three axis integrated driver broad, 6040 each axis has independent driver.
4) Power supply, CNC 3040 reply on a voltage transformer to support machine operation. CNC 6040 is a power pack.
5) As the device for spindle speed adjustment, 3040 use a speed governor broad, 6040 depends on an inbuilt frequency converter.
6) In CNC 6040 router’s control box, there is a filter to ensure the stability of signal transmission.
7) Engraving materials: CNC 3040  can be used to engrave wood, acrylic, plastic, PCB and PVC, except all above, 6040 CNC router can engrave soft metal like aluminum and copper.