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ChinaCNCzone Not Only To Be a Responsible CNC Engraving Machine Supplier, but also Giving Back to S

  • Author:ChinaCNCzone
  • Release on:2015-12-28


On June 16, 2015, Mr Zhu Haicheng, the general manager of Scotle Technology Group Limited, was invited by the leaders of Guanzgxi University of Finance and Economics to give lecture on the Development Trend of Foreign Trade for teachers from Institute of International Trade and also on the topic of How to do the Career planning for students from the Institute of Finance.

On the topic of the Development Trend of Foreign Trade, Mr. Zhu Haicheng shared and exchanged ideas with more than twenty teachers. And then they had an in-depth communication on the hot topics such as how to let students from the Institute of International Trade become professional soon after they enter into foreign trade business, what kinds of skills they need to prepare before graduating, what is the newest direction of development of foreign trade and so on.


At the end of this exchange, Mr Zhu Haicheng was warmly invited as a Guest lecturer by the Dean and teacher team of Institute of International Trade, In the future , Mr Zhu will take his responsibility as a Guest lecturer of Institute of International Trade and to share ideas and new trends on the foreign trade t with teachers and students regularly.


In the evening , on the topic of Student Career Planning, Mr. Zhu was invited to give a public speech to more than three hundred students in the Institute of Finance. Mr Zhu talked about how to prepare ourselves for the society when in university, what skills we should learn when we are in university. And as a CEO of company, Mr Zhu always emphasis efficiency, Executive power, team work, being positive, having dream, planning and target. Those all are needed for a powerful team . Mr Zhu and Students had deeply communication on University, Society, career, responsibility, Practice and planning. The students think the course of career planning is very important for their self-development and self-improvement. In this field, we will have more sharing.

And we also hope for more and more young students to join us ,because they are really creative, positive and believe everything is impossible.


And as a leading China CNC Engraving Machine manufacturer , China CO2 laser engraving machine Supplier and China deskoktop CNC router factory, we should not only provide best products and best service to our customers, but also , we should give back to the society Positively.


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