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How to Select the Right Mini CNC Router for You?

How to Select the Right Mini CNC Router for You?

ChinaCNCzone 2016-01-06 15:49:39

How to Select the Right Mini CNC Router for You?

We supply different models of mini cnc engraving machine, what are the differences among them? And how to select the right one for you? Today, let us share with you some information about them.

First, before you buy a our mini CNC router,  you have to think about that:
What material you will use it to engrave?
If wood, acrylic, PVC and other soft material, 230W or 500W DC spindle CNC 3040 can meet your demand.
If you want to engrave a little harder material such as copper, brass, aluminum, or steel hole drilling, we suggest you select the CNC 6040 Router or CNC 6090 with 1500W or 2200W water cooled spindle.

What are the differences between DC spindle and water cooled spindle?

DC Spindle and Water cooled Spindle

What are the differences among 800W, 1500W & 2200W spindle?

Desktop CNC Engraving Machine 2

Second, what the shape you will use our mini CNC router to engrave,? Cylinder object, 3D or 2D object?
If Cylinder object, or 3D 5D object, we suggest 4 Axis CNC router or mini 5 axis CNC Router HY-3040, if only 2D object, 3 Axis CNC router is enough.

Desktop CNC Engraving Machine 3

Third, if have higher precision demand, we suggest ball screw CNC, if just common use not special, the ones with trapezoidal screw is ok. Actually, all of our China CNC routers are now with ball screw because higher precision is always users' demand.

Desktop CNC Engraving Machine 4

Fourth, Working area decide how large material you can engrave:
CNC 6090: X860mm*Y630mm*Z480mm
CNC 6040: 375(X)mm*535(Y)mm*65(Z)mm
CNC 3040: 370(X)mm*280(Y)mm*55(Z)mm