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the Differences between Water-Cooling and Air-cooling Spindle?

  • Author:ChinaCNCzone
  • Release on :2017-03-13
In mini CNC router field, the mostly widely used spindle are water-cooling spindle and air-cooling spindle. But do you know the differences between them?

1. Using life, since water-cooling spindle keeps water circulating when mini CNC router engraver working; it can effectively reduce the temperature. This is a good way to lengthen using lift, but air-cooling spindle only depends air, its using life is less than water-cooling spindle.
2. Precision, when engrave something; the precision is very important for the fineness. Generally speaking, water-cooling spindle’s precision can be controlled within 0.003mm in both axial and radial direction, but air-cooling spindle cann’t reach that precision.
3. Just as its name implies, water-cooling refers to reducing temperature by water circulating, the temperature can be controlled less than 40 degrees. But air-cooling depends fan, the effect cann’t compare with water-cooling.
4. Noise, when the mini cnc machine work, the sound of one with air-cooling spindle will be louder than the one with water-cooling spindle.
ChinaCNCzone manufactures both water-cooling spindle and air-cooling spindle mini CNC router. Our hot sale water-cooling spindle mini cnc router are CNC 6040, CNC 6090, HY-3040, HY-6040 and our popular air cooling spindle China CNC router is CNC 3040.

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