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7 Tips for Selecting a Small Mini CNC Router Machine

7 Tips for Selecting a Small Mini CNC Router Machine

ChinaCNCzone 2017-03-08 17:01:11
As consumers, we always hope the best price to get the best cost-effective mini CNC router machine, before you decide which one to buy,  ChinaCNCzone team have 7 tips for you:
small mini cnc router
1) The working area of the mini CNC router machine

If you bought the working area is too small to meet the requirements, it is a waste of investment, if the area is too large, the price must be high, and it is also a waste of resources.
So think about what the material size or what the product size you need the mini cnc router to engrave

2) 3 Axis CNC router or 4 Axis cnc router, and whether the 3 axis one can be  upgraded into 4-Axis when needed.

Firstly, 3-axis support plane carving, 4-axis support plane and cylinder engraving. If you only need a temporary flat carving, you can select 3-axis one.
Secondly, the best choice is to buy the small cnc router which supports upgrading from 3 axis into 4 axis easily.
Then when you need to work with 4 axis, you just need to buy the 4th axis then upgrade rather than to buy a brand new 4 axis CNC. This is a waste of money.
Now all of ChinaCNCzone made  CNC 3040, CNC 6040 , CNC 6090,HY-3040  and HY 6040 small cnc routers support the upgrade from 3 axis into 4 axis easily.

3) Spindle power:

Spindle power like automobile engines, have a great impact on machine performance.

4) Does the Small Mini CNC machine support USB interface?

It is difficult to find 25-pin parallel computer, if the small cnc router machine do not support USB, you have to be very troublesome to look for a old computer.
CNC 6040 and CNC 3040 series of China-CNCrouter.com support USB interface.

5) Limit switch, this component is so small that many China cnc router factory neglect it, but its function so important that can protect your machine from damage efficiently.  Products from China-CNCrouter.com pay much attention for this.

6) Auto-checking function,  this will make your working process easily and efficiently.

7) Warranty:
When you buy a small cnc router machine, if quality issue happened, warranty and technical support is so important. So you must consider warranty before purchase. All China mini CNC engraving machine from ChinaCNCzone have 2-year warranty, technical support always available.

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