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The Z Axis of Mini CNC Router Buzzed But Not Move?

The Z Axis of Mini CNC Router Buzzed But Not Move?

ChinaCNCzone 2017-03-07 15:26:07
Friends asked us below question: when use a mini CNC router machine, we can hear the buzz of the Z axis, but can not feel the Z axis moving, why and how we should do? Today let ChinaCNCzone team share with you as below:
hy 6040
There are 4 reasons for Z axis buzz without moving:

1. When the coupling of the step motor and the leading screw of Z axis are not tight fasten, the step motor work normally but the leading srew and Z axis can not working, we can only hear the buzz of the step motor.

2. When the limited switch does not work normally, but Z axis touched the top or bottom of the mini CNC leading screw , and the torque output of Z axis step motor keep going, we can only hear the buzz but without seeing the moving of Z axis.

3. One or two power supply cable of the Z axis step motor is not connected well, the phase loss happened for the Z axis step motor, buzz heard but without Z axis move.

4. If the leading screw or round rail is deformed by external force collision during the transport, the machine will be stuck, and we can only hear the buzz of the step motor, but can not see the Z axis move up and down. (this seldom happen)

All of mini CNC machine such as CNC 3040, CNC 6040, CNC 6090 and HY 6040 made by ChinaCNCzone are strictly checked and tested before shipping,but if you find above similar situation with any axis like X, Y, Z axis, just do as beblow:

1. Fasten the related srew for the coupling.

2. Correct set the parameters of the related limit switch.

3. Check the related cables of the step motors.(This really seldom happen.)

ChinaCNCzone, to be your best China CNC router factory, we will always do our best to save your time.