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Why We Need an IC Chipset Grinder Milling Machine?

Why We Need an IC Chipset Grinder Milling Machine?

ChinaCNCzone 2015-12-24 14:52:38
Now ChinaCNCzone released its new Chipset grinder machine, and not all customers know what it can be used and how to use it? Because in the past, we generally use a BGA rework station or desoldering station for a motherboard repair.

What are the Differences between an IC Chipset Grinder Milling Machine and BGA Rework Machine?
Actually, they are used in different steps in a motherboards repair.

If use a BGA rework station or desoldering station to repair a phone with special under filled ICs, below situation would happen:
1. BGA chip is difficult to be removed as solder ball melts but glue still not.
2. Uneven heat will damage the surrounding chip and PCB layers, heat especially will melt surrounded BGA chip’s solder point and cause short circuit.

But If use chipset grinder milling machine
1. We can engraving the whole chip and show the PCB pads.
2. PCB and chip may have tilt angle, it cause the engraving difficult to just cut a flat area, our smart IC remover has detector to check 4 corners of chip before engraving, we can then calculate the chip’s tilt angle.
3. Work without PC, just control the LCD touch screen we can easy to remove BGA chip.
4. No need to do glue removing.

Note: after you get the under filled IC grinded, then we can use a optical alignment bga rework station to solder a good chipset onto the motherboard again.

According to above explanation, we can know, an chipset grinder Milling Machine is a kind of smart CNC Engraving Machine.

Why we need an IC chipset grinder machine?

Because now with the advanced development of IC chips in electronic application, some main board needs better tools to get repaired, especially in iPhone smart phones repair which with under filled sophisticated chipsets.

IC chipset grinder Machine