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What are the Differences among MACH 3, NCSTUDIO and DSP in China CNC Router Control System?

  • Author:ChinaCNCzone
  • Release on:2015-12-26
What are the Differences among MACH 3, NCSTUDIO and DSP in China CNC Router Control System?

As we all know, the most widely used CNC controller system are MACH3, NCSTUDIO and DSP in CNC Engraving machine. The wide application of above three controller system can be demonstrated by their wide market. Take MACH3 for example, most mini CNC routers work with it, and many foreigners also regard it as a good choice.
But what are the Differences among Those Types of CNC Control System?
Let us share this information today.

First, MACH3 Software controller system
Mach 3 Software
MACH3 is an open numerical controller system, its advantages lies in
1) Easy operation and maintenance.
2) Various file format support includes DXF, BMP, JPG, and HPGL files format. I
3) It support G-code created by Type3, Artcam, castmate, ProE, UG etc G-code design software.

This system has various functions like pitch error compensation, backlash compensation, Cutter Length Compensation and cutter radius and wear compensation. The axially accelerating speed can be adjusted in speed regulation interface according practical application.

Mach3 control machine operating by computer parallel port. Both the input signal and output signal are binary digit. This system mostly used in automatic multi-functional China Mini CNC Engraving Machine, wood working machinery.

Non-follow-up system DSP Controller.(our HY-3040 and New 6090 CNC Router uses this )
DSP Controller
1. Engraving machine hand wheel can support G-code created by Type3, ArtCam, castmate, ProE, UG etc G-code design software.
2. Built-in 128M file storage
3. 128X64 monochrome LCD display
4. Connect port: USB and disk

The advantages of DSP controller system
1) The engraving process can without computer connecting, use hand wheel can control machine directly.
2) Hand wheel operation, humanization design
3) 128M storage can store 9 files simultaneously

NCSTUDIO controller system
NCSTUDIO is a kind system based on Windows 98 or  Windows NT (2000/XP), it generally used in high-performance CNC machine.
Its advantages lie in 32bit count and multiple tasks cooperation. Compared with other system, it becomes outstanding with the high speed precision, multiple tasks cooperation and network interconnection.

Above are the main three CNC control systems in China Desktop CNC Router field. And many Chinese users uses DSP and NCSTUDIO, and most overseas customers prefer to Mach 3 controller system because of its easy operation. All of our China CNC routers such as our diy 5 axis CNC router HY-3040, CNC 6040, CNC 3040 works with Mach 3 software perfectly.
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