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Congratulations on ChinaCNCzone Member Helen Won the Award of Excellence in Foreign Trade Contest!

  • Author:ChinaCNCzone
  • Release on:2016-01-14
Alibaba Team successfully hold  The Foreign Trade Contest, which held only once a year. Its main goal is make China exporters get together to share their strength and to improve their shortcomings.  And each year there are thousands of participators signing up for the contest, but only 7 people can enter the semi-finals from each district, and only one person can enter the finals in a Province.


ChinaCNCzone positively took part in this Contest each year since 2013. And this is the first time our team member Helen won the Award of Excellence on  the topic: how to make our overseas customers feel comfortable when they visit our factory? As a leading manufacturer for mini CNC Router, we always welcome our customer to visit our factory and get to know more about us, and as far as now, we already received thousands of overseas guests. So we have rich experience in this field, and this really impressed other companies who took part in this activity.
We are a team never suggest customer to buy the expensive CNC engraving machine, but the team only suggest the suitable ones which meet customers need.

And also, ChinaCNCzone always a company treasures each chance for improving team members’ skills such as customer service, technical knowledge, and export skills and so on.

Our Company CEO Jack always encourage our team members to go out to learn and to share. Only by attaching importance of our team members' individual development, our company can get continuous improvement. That is why we  were all there as supporters for the contest.

To be the most professional China CNC Router factory who supply hot models such as  CNC 6040,CNC 3040 and HY-3040 and CO2 laser engraving machine supplier, We need to go out to learn and to share. Learn what we need to improve, and share what we already did well. Then we can become better and better both for our team member and our Company.

Congratulations for Our Team Member Won the Award of Excellence in Foreign Trade Contest

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