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Where ChinaCNCzone Mini CNC Engraving Machine can be Used?

  • Author:ChinaCNCzone
  • Release on:2016-01-14

Many customers have questions about where our mini CNC engraving Machine  and mini CNC router can be used? Generally speacking, our mini CNC engraving machine can be widely used in diffirent fields, but today, let us summarize as below main 9 fields:
The nine industries in which CNC router be used
1. The structure model manufacture industry Engraving/cutting model’s walls, windows, roof, floor and plate.
2. Tailoring
Engraving complex patterns in leather and other tailoring materials.
3. Timbering and furniture
Engraving images and words on surface of bamboo and wood furniture.
4. Organic glass cutting
When cutting organic glass, the edge is smooth, don’t need polishing anymore.
5. Image engraving
  CNC engraving machine can engrave vivid photos in bamboo and wood products, acrylic and leather etc.
6. Spherical cylinder engraving machine (CNC 6040, CNC 3040 and CNC 6090 4 axis and HY 3040 DIY 5 axis CNC router )
Can finish 360 degree rotary engraving, meet your personality demands.
7. Printing and packaging industry.
8. Electron industry, PCB board manufacturer.

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