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What Will Affect a CNC Engraving Machine Precision?

What Will Affect a CNC Engraving Machine Precision?

ChinaCNCzone 2016-01-13 16:20:16
CNC Engraving Machine Precision
A client from Malaysia today reflected that his precision of parts made by CNC engraving machining was not up to standard. He turned to us and tried to figure out what’s wrong. This Malaysia client usually purchase CNC engraving machine and mini cnc router from our company and we have a long-term cooperation. Today we will talk about What will Affect the Engraving Precision of an CNC engraving machine.
The error of the CNC engraving machine itself
The production of any machines can't be perfect, will exist error. And mini CNC router machine, is no exception. The imprecision of the guide rail or screw, clearance of the bearing and out of the vertical between axis and axis, will cause error. The error of the machine is inevitable, all we need to do is to pay more attention when engraving.2.The installation of the mini CNC router machine parts is not accurate

If the machine parts do not get proper installation, such as installation is firm and parts or parts due to excessive clamping force and deformation, will directly affect the quality of the carving. Therefore, before engraving we should inspect each machine parts and components and check the installation whether it’s ok.3.The deformation of mini CNC engraving machine parts

CNC machine tool will be out of shape during engraving and it will affect the precision on carving. So how can we to improve it? We should keep an eye on the processing power.4.Workers are NOT careful  enough when engraving

Many workers who work for a long time on engraving will be tired and distracted. At this moment they can’t focus on their work. It will also lead to the imprecision of engraving. Therefore, all the workers should concentrate on the work and have some rest when feeling tired.In conclusion, not only the mini cnc router machine itself, the workers and drawers will also affect the precision of engraving precision. Follow every step strictly and check carefully is the key to make sure the quality of carving products.
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