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En tant que principale usine de routeurs CNC en Chine, nous fournissons toujours des mini routeurs CNC de haute qualité tels que CNC 6040, CNC 3040, CNC 6090 et routeur CNC 5 axes DIY HY-...
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New Product HY-3040 Homemade CNC Router Machine 3 AxisNew Product HY-3040 Homemade CNC Router Machine 3 AxisNew Product HY-3040 Homemade CNC Router Machine 3 Axis

New Product HY-3040 Homemade CNC Router Machine 3 Axis

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ChinaCNC Product Highlight
This HY-3040 Gantry CNC 3 Axis Router is our latest version of mini CNC router.

Easy operating because:

  • It can be updated into mini 4 axis and 5 axis CNC router.
  • Integrated high-speed micro computer intelligent control chip.
  • With external digital LCD monitor and handwheel controller.

  • The working process can be tracked, recorded in the digital LCD monitor automatically.
  • Mach 3 software
  • Built in frequencey converter and without controller box.

Higher precision because:

  • Cross slippery platform design rather than gantry design.
  • Aluminum base sheet is heavy which can make sure no vibration when work.
  • With auto-checking function.
  • 1500w/2200W frequency water-cooled spindle for your selection.
  • Ball screw.

You can buy this HY-3040 4 Axis CNC Router from us without any worry

  • CE approved.
  • Video support.
  • English manual available.
  • Mach 3 software send with the machine as a CD.
  • Can engrave material which hardness below 45.
  • From reliable & trustable profesional China CNC Router manufacturer.
  • Original Mach 3 software can be provided.
  • New USB interface can be added (compatible with Mach 3 software)

HY-3040 Parameters

 HY-3040 4 Axis CNC Router parameters
product dimension 715(H)*700(L)*610(W) mm
effective work area 300*400*150mm
precision ballscrew 1605
XYZ rail material hard chrome shaft
XY rail diameter 20mm
Z rail diameter 16mm
XYZ axis torque 57*78  250 OZ/IN (2.2N/CM)
4th and 5th  57*56 
4th and 5th transmission ratio 1:6
repeat positioning accuracy 0.01mm
working precision  0.02mm
processing speed 0-4000 mm/min
A-axis B-axis rotation speed 0-180 rpm/min
XY table maximum load 50kg
XY+A+B axis table maximum load 15kg
tailgate material stainless steel 
switching power supply integrated 24V 350W
spindle power 1500W/ 2200W water-cooled frequency spindle
input power 220V/ 110V power supply
output current drive 4.5A (peak 5A)
collet size 3/3.175/6mm if need others change into  ER11 first
high efficiency water pump  55W, 46.6L /Min
drive motor 57*78 stepper motors (two-phase 4 wire) 
engraving material Metal,Brass, Acrylic, Wood, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
(hardness less then 45 degree)
support computer system windowXP/ window 7
how to connect with computer 25 pin parallel port
software MACH3 3.04
net weight 50kg
packing wooden box 
outside packing 78*66*82 (cm)
weight 96kg

HY-3040 4 Axis CNC Router
HY-3040 4 Axis CNC Router
HY-3040 CNC Router 4 Axis
HY3040 the 4th Axis
5 axis cnc machine 4.jpg

Ball Screw

This Desktop Mini 5 Axis CNC Machine HY 3040 can be widely used to engrave wood, acrylic, brass, alumimun,PVC, PCB and so on.

HY-3040 mini desktop 5 Axis CNC machine can do

mini cnc 5 axis live demo

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