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Why Select CNC 6040 Router from ChinaCNCzone?

  • Author:ChinaCNCzone
  • Release on:2016-01-09

China-cncrouter is a manufacturer specialized in mini CNC router and Mini CNC Engraving machine we have many hot models for customers’ selection also such as CNC 3040, HY-3040, CNC 6090, series and so on.

Actually, now the market have many different similar models as above, but what our advantages compared with others China mini CNC engraving machine factories? As a leading China CNC Router factory, today let us share the information from our CNC 6040 router machine.

What are the advantages of our CNC 6040 compared with other models in the market?
1. CE certificated, our CNC 6040 router meet the Germany TUV standard.
2. Frequency converter has been built-in,  it is more convenient for user.
3. The board of 4th rotary axis has been built-in in advance, if customer want to upgrade 3 axis machine into 4 axis machine, just need add the 4th rotary device.
4. There is filter to ensure the stability of pulse signal.
5. The engraving materials,  our CNC 6040 Router can engrave wood, plastic, acrylic and soft metal like aluminum and copper.

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