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Three Tips on Buying A Mini Desktop Hobby CNC Router Engraving Machine

Three Tips on Buying A Mini Desktop Hobby CNC Router Engraving Machine

ChinaCNCzone 2017-12-13 10:23:52
Recently, we received many inquiries for our mini CNC machine, and we also received many price comparisons for them too. And as the same as you, we also think the price is really important. That is why ChinaCNCzone try their best to reduce the cost such as cooperating with the most competive shipping company, changing wooden packing into quality ensured carton box and so on. And we know, the price should not be the only factor for making a decision, because product quality and after-sale service are equally very important.

And what other important factors for you as a buyer when buy a mini CNC machine? Today, ChinaCNCzone team will share with you as below:

1.What you need the mini CNC machine to engrave, mill or cut?
  As we know, different material with different hardness, generally speaking, all of models such as CNC 3040, CNC 6040, and CNC 6090 serials now in the market can engrave wood. If need to engrave hard material such as aluminum, stainless steel, you need to buy 2.2kw spindle mini CNC machine such as HY 6040, CNC 6090. Different models with much different prices. The material harder, the price higher for the machine.

2.What is the material size you need to engrave?
  The mini CNC machine with larger working area can engrave larger size material and the price is much higher too.

3.Buying from Online shop such as Amazon or eBay is safer?
eBay and Amazon are really good for online transaction for many products such as clothes, shoes, E-cigarette and other hot consumable products. But for mini CNC machine, we only suggest buy from those mini CNC machine suppliers with factory and manufacturing background. Because after-sale service and technical support are so important for a mini CNC machine, if your supplier is only traders, you may face difficult when need the support. That is why we received many technical support requests from Ebay and Amazon customers as below link:

And we always suggest that: the most efficient way is to contact with your seller and push them to resolve.

ChinaCNCzone will be always resiponsible for the mini CNC machine and products made by and supplied by us.