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How Much is a 5 Axis CNC Machine?

How Much is a 5 Axis CNC Machine?

ChinaCNCzone 2017-07-17 18:15:10
How Much is a 5 Axis CNC Machine?

The cost of 5 axis CNC machine depends on too many factors, like X-Y-Z range, positional accuracy and repeat-ability, accessories, configuration , Spindle speed etc.
Mini 5 axis CNC
First, what is the working area you need? As we know, a 3 axis CNC milling machine 2000x1000 could be more expensive than a 5 axis cnc Milling machine 400x300. If you want to buy a medium sized machine of a decent international manufacturer like DMG Mori, GF+, Makino, Mazak etc. It will cost you from 2 to 4 crore rupers. ( 300000 to 650000 Euros)

Second,the position that 5 axis CNC machine could be in different was: with rotary table with additional tilting or swiveling of the spindle. The price for these things is also different.

The last thing is all the other advantages - precision, tooling change, CNC, manufacturer etc. etc. So I suppose if the price can start from 100–150 thousand of EUR (probably for small working areas) or more and up to millions and millions.

Above 5 axis CNC machine mentioned are professional for industry using. If you are just a CNC hobbyist, the prices mentioned above are really high, right? Now there is one amazing mini 5 axis CNC machine recommend to you: HY 3040 and HY-6040, with working area 300X400 and 600x400, Spindle 1500W and 2200W water cooled spindle, can be widely used to engrave aluminum, brass, copper, wood, acrylic and so on. You can buy them from China Mini CNC engraving machine and mini 5 axis CNC supplier : ChinaCNCzone.

They also supply high performance low cost CO2 laser engraving machine and fiber laser marking machine.