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Buy 5 Axis CNC Milling Machine from ChinaCNCzone Get Free Post Processing

  • Author:ChinaCNCzone
  • Release on:2018-05-22
Buy 5 Axis CNC Milling Machine from ChinaCNCzone Get Free Post Processing!!!
Post processing for mini 5 axis CNC
In New Year 2018, ChinaCNCzone can not only supply high cost-effective mini 5 axis CNC machine, but also can provide extra technical service such as post process and G-code design already. From today, users who have mini 5 axis CNC HY 3040 and HY 6040 new version made by ChinaCNCzone can get FREE post process! Experienced users will know how valuable this service! And ChinaCNCzone also to be the first mini CNC machine manufacturer in China who can provide post process for its mini 5 axis CNC milling machine!

What is a post process?

A post process is for converting actual tool cutting path into a series of NC programs that can be directly read and executed by a 5 axis CNC machine.

Why need a post process for a 5 axis CNC machine?
Post process is a must for a 5 axis CNC machine because of the 5 axis linkage working.
Generally speaking, the post process of UG, power mill is only compatible with Mitsubishi and Franc control system. But not 100% compatible with all other CNC control system. So, we need to special design a post process for different 5 axis CNC machine using different control system, to better recognize different code of different control software.

For mini 5 axis CNC milling machine HY 3040 and HY 6040 made by ChinaCNCzone, its A-axis rotates 30 degrees forward and reverses 90 degrees in mach3 software, and we need to do our own post process to better use it.

What ChinaCNCzone post process process can do for you?
First, we have to say, ChinaCNCzone post process can only compatible with our latest model of CNC 3040 5 Axis and CNC 6040 5 axis as below picture. for the time being, only UG post process can be provided.
And what our post process can do for you?
1.It can help to transfer your 3D file to G code.
2.It is free for our new mini 5 axis CNC users.
3.It can save your extra time and money. As we know, for a skillful CNC programme engineer, to do a post process will still take about 2-3days, so to select a mini 5 axis CNC machine supplier who can provide post process is really a wise choice.

ChinaCNCzone, to be your most reliable mini CNC machine supplier and hobby CNC machine manufacturer, except manufacture mini 5 axis cnc machine,we also manufacture the best CNC 3040, CNC 6040 and CNC 6090 series for your selection.
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