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ChinaCNCzone can Supply 3/4/5 Axis CNC G code Solution

  • Author:ChinaCNCzone
  • Release on:2018-05-23
From 2018, ChinaCNCzone Officially begin to supply 3/4/5 axis G code solution!

Who will need this solution?
If you don't have artcam, powermill, NX, Mastercam, HYPERMILL, Catia, VISI, WORKNC, Cimatron to make G code, or you don't know how to make G code,Please contact with us, we can do it for you!!!

Which axis code you want?
1.If you want to get 3axis G code, please provide us with these files: bmp / dib / rle / jpg / jpeg / jpe / jfif / gif / emf / wmf / tif / tiff / png /ico , prt / x_t / stl / stp / step / iges / catia

2.If you want to get 4axis G code, please provide us with these files: prt / x_t / stl / stp / step / iges / catia ( we need your files to do evaluation, and make sure it can be done by 4 or 5 axis machine.)

3.If you want to get 5axis G code, please provide us with these files: prt / x_t / stl / stp / step / iges / catia

4. Tell us the size of your design.(Our biggest machine is CNC6090, the working area is 600*900*150mm,  Our CNC6040 5axis machine X/Y axis size: 600*400, 4aixs is +50°~-90°, 5axis any angle.)

How much need to pay for the solution?
G-code for 3 axis CNC:50USD
G-code for 4 axis CNC: 130USD
G-code for 5 axis CNC:200USD

How long will take?
After payment, please leave us your email address, so that we can send the G code to you,and it will take about 1 day for 3axis G code, 2 days for 4axis G code, and about 5-7 days for 5axis G code.

After we finish it, we need to test it by ourself machine, then send to you.

Please note:  As products are copyable,so we don't accept return or exchange goods.Hope customers can understand.Thank you very much!

Below are the examples for our G-code solution for your reference:
G-code solution




ChinaCNCzone, as a leading Hobby CNC,Desktop CNC and mini CNC milling machine manufacturer,we always supply good quality CNC 3040, CNC 6040,CNC 6090 and mini 5 axis CNC HY 3040 and HY-6040, and also,the technical support is always reliable and available for ChinaCNCzone product users. ChiaCNCzone is already in this field for 10 years. Welcome to select us.

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