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Why Select Us
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Small Metal CNC Router 3040 from Factory Price competitiveSmall Metal CNC Router 3040 from Factory Price competitiveSmall Metal CNC Router 3040 from Factory Price competitiveSmall Metal CNC Router 3040 from Factory Price competitive

Small Metal CNC Router 3040 from Factory Price competitive

  • Model  Metal CNC Router 3040
  • Product demention 510*620*570mm
  • Effective work area 300x400x80mm
  • Precision ballscrew 1605
  • XYZ rail material Hard chrome shaft
  • XY rail diameter 20mm
  • Z rail diameter 16mm
  • XYZ axis torque 57*78  250 OZ/IN (2.2N/CM)

What are the advatages for thisSmall Destop Metal CNC Machine 3040?
It can work with 3 axis CNC and 4 axis CNC
Integrated high-speed micro computer intelligent control chip.
First STEEL STRUCTURE CNC 3040 in the Market 
Mini CNC machine, high quality powerful and affordable price.
Mach 3 software, supports Win10
Built in frequencey converter and without controller box
Applicable to stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, stone, granite etc.
Higher precision
Heavier steel structure
XHC control boad
With auto-checking function.
2200w water-cooled spindle.
Ball screw
CE approved.
Video support.
English manual available.
Mach 3 software send with the machine as a CD.
From reliable & trustable profesional China CNC Router manufacturer

What are the technical details for this Small Destop Metal CNC Machine 3040?
Model Small Destop Metal CNC Machine 3040
Product demention 510*620*570mm
Effective work area 300x400x80mm
Precision ballscrew 1605
XYZ rail material Hard chrome shaft
XY rail diameter 20mm
Z rail diameter 16mm
XYZ axis torque 57*78  250 OZ/IN (2.2N/CM)
Repeat positioning accuracy 0.01mm
Working precision  0.02mm
Processing speed 0-4000 mm/Min
A-axis B-axis rotation speed 0-180 rpm/min
Tailgate material Stainless steel 
Switching Power Supply Integrated 24V 350W
Spindle power 2200W water-cooled frequency spindle
Spindle converter  2200w
Input Power 220V / 110V power supply
Output Current Drive 4.5A (peak 5A)
Drive motor 57*42 stepper motors (two-phase 4 wire) 
Net Weight 75kg 
Gross Weight 102kg
Outside packing 67*78*71 (cm)
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small metal cnc machine
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This Small Destop Metal CNC Machine 3040 can be used for Stainless Steel Metal Copper Aluminum Granite Milling and Engraving,below are the samples made by it.
Copper engraving
Granite Engraving
45# Stainless Engraving

Pure Stainless Steel Engraving

Resin Engraving
Aluminum Engraving
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