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Als toonaangevende Chinese CNC-routerfabriek leveren we altijd hoogwaardige mini-CNC-routers zoals CNC 6040, CNC 3040, CNC 6090 en DIY 5-assige CNC-router HY-...
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High Precision Mini Metal 5 Axis 3D Cnc Milling Router MachineHigh Precision Mini Metal 5 Axis 3D Cnc Milling Router MachineHigh Precision Mini Metal 5 Axis 3D Cnc Milling Router MachineHigh Precision Mini Metal 5 Axis 3D Cnc Milling Router MachineHigh Precision Mini Metal 5 Axis 3D Cnc Milling Router Machine

High Precision Mini Metal 5 Axis 3D Cnc Milling Router Machine

  • Effective working travel(3axis) 400*300*250mm
  • Effective working travel(5axis) 120*120*150mm
  • Shape dimension 820*800*950mm
  • Working table dimension 400*300mm
  • Machine frame material 45#steel
  • Acceptable material size 400*300mm
  • Driving units X/Y/Z Axis  SFU1605 Ball srew C7 level
  • Sliding units X/Y/Z Axis  HGH20 linear guide
  • Control units 3pcs independent AC servo driver + XC709D Series Multifunctional CNC System
  •                                            A/B axis Harmonic reducer A axis(Rotary axis) 360degree
  • B axis(Slope) 90degree
  • speed ratio 1:50
  • Maximum torque 15N.m
  • servo motor type Two phase 80ST-MO2430,3A 2.4N.m,3000rpm suggested
  • Two phase 80ST-MO2430,3A 2.4N.m,3000rpm suggested
  • Spindle motor Brand new 2200W water cooling spindle, 24000RPM
  • Principal axis collet ER-20 1-13mm
  • Repeat accuracy 0.02~0.05mm
  • Spindle precision radial beat accuracy 0.02 mm
  • Operating system XC709D Series Multifunctional CNC System
  • Maximum speed 0-4000mm/min
  • Computer connection mach3 usb,support handwheel
  • Command code Tap、 nc 、ncc、 txt
  • Safeguard Limit switch
  • Operating Voltage AC220V/110V
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Package size One wooden box,980*900*1200mm
  • Gross weight 230kg

ChinaCNCzone HY-3040 5 Axis CNC Millfor Sale

FREE TAX!!! to EU and RU!!!


1/ We will ship this machine to Moscow by Toanda from China,and transfer to you from Moscow by Russia local shipping company with door todoor shipping way. the machine will be deliveried to your home.

the delivery time is usually 20-40 days. and notax fee by this way!



2/ Germany/ United Kingdom/ France/ Spain/ Italy/ Poland

Austria/ Belgium/ Czech Republic/ Denmark/ Lithuania/ Bulgaria/ Estonia/Greece/ Romania/ Slovenia/ Croatia/ Luxembourg/ Finland/ Ireland/ Portugal/Sweden

All above countrybuyers free tax!!!we will ship by train to Poland, and transfer to your door byEU local shipping.



Higher precision:

·        Heavier steel structure

·        XHC control boa

·        2200w water-cooledspindle

·        Ball screw

·        Integrated high-speedmicro computer intelligent control chip.

·        First STEEL STRUCTURECNC3040 5axis in the Market

·        Mach 3 software, supportsWin10

·        Built in frequencey converterand without controller box

·        Applicable to steel,aluminum, brass, copper, stone, granite etc.

You can buy this machinefrom us without any worry:

·            CEapproved.

·            Videosupport.

·           English manual available.

·            Mach 3software send with the machine as a CD.

·            Canengrave material which hardness below 45.

·            Fromreliable & trustable profesional China CNC Router manufacturersize of 5axis machine.jpg

·        QQ20190527122136322


1/ It is said that 5 axis programming is complicated, what can ido if I don’t know how to program 5 axis code?

We have experienced 5 axis technician to help you with designing. We offer paidservice for 5 axis programing

2/ What is the accuracy of this machine?

3/ What is the maximumpiece the machine can process?

4/ If i bought this machine, where could I learn the software?

We offer mach3 and NX/UG post processor

5/ What kind of servicedo you provide?

We offer remote control service during China work time



 After-sales service process : 

1/ After-sales service contains:
a.    Machine installation and adjustment
b.    Software Settings and using (not include G codeprogramming)
c.    Machine quality problem
d.    the machine using problem

2/ When the machine have problem:
a.    Machine problem pictures or video is asked.
b.    General problem solve way will be supplied in 1~2 days,
       Complex problem solve way will be suppliedin 2~3 days.

3/ General problem solve way: (Machine warranty is 1 year, Cutters don’thave warranty, they are consumables)
a.    Machine operation and installation problem, we will supplyvideo or pictures to show you.
b.    Machine quality problem, machine parts will be resent free


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