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What are the Advantages of a 5 Axis CNC Router Machine?

What are the Advantages of a 5 Axis CNC Router Machine?

ChinaCNCzone 2016-07-18 11:14:33
First, the major benefit of 5 axis CNC router is the ability to machine complex shapes in a single set-up. This gives greater machining productivity compared to performing the job in a series of set ups, as well as significantly reducing the time and cost of preparing fixtures. Furthermore, with multiple set-ups, there is always a possibility of incorrect alignment each time the part is moved.
5 axis CNC router machine
Second, a important advantage of 5 axis CNC router machining is that it enables shorter cutting tools to be used since the head can be lowered towards the job and the cutter oriented towards the surface. As a result, higher cutting speeds can be achieved without putting excessive load on the cutter, so increasing tool life and reducing breakages.

Third, one major benefit from the use of 5 axis CNC router machining is the ability to machine extremely complex parts from solid that would otherwise have to be cast. For prototypes and very small runs, this approach is much quicker and cheaper. It can give lead times of one or two weeks, instead of two months or more that would be needed for castings.

Fourth, also a 5 axis CNC router machining can give huge time savings in the drilling of holes. While this may seem trivial in comparison to the difficulty of machining a complex core or cavity, drilling a series of holes with different compound angles is extremely time consuming. With a five-axis machine, the head can be oriented along the correct axis for each hole automatically, allowing drilling to be completed much more quickly.

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