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As a leading China CNC Router factory, we always supply high qualtiy mini CNC routers such CNC 6040, CNC 3040, CNC 6090, and DIY 5 axis CNC router HY-...
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What Our Mini CNC Engraving Machine can Exactly Do?

What Our Mini CNC Engraving Machine can Exactly Do?

ChinaCNCzone 2015-12-28 13:19:22

Actually, most customers like to ask what our mini CNC engraving machine such as CNC 6090, CNC 3040, and mini 5 axis cnc  HY-3040 can engrave?

Generally speaking, we often list the common materials such as acrylic, PCB, brass, wood, aluminum, and many other materials. And we do many test with our mini CNC routers and took videos for customers’ reference.

Meanwhile, also some users feedback that some materials can not be engraved by our machine.
Actually, as a leading China CNC Router manufacturer, we can provide the right suggestions for how to use our mini CNC engraving machine, and sometimes, customers need to try many things by themselves.

Take CNC 6040 with 800W water cooled spindle for example, for some of our customers, they can use it to do aluminum machining fast, meanwhile, the engineer is very professional and skillful. they also did some updating for the machines such adding a fan. Also they know how to select very the right CNC router bits. And they are also good at doing program too.

What our mini CNC router can help you do? Actually, we are just sure the common material we can do, but what they exactly can do? It may exceed our expect, only after we try and explore, then we can know.

Let us explore together, if you have any goods idea, share with us and get some free gift from us.
ChinaCNCzone, engrave your colorful life.

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