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What Decide the Price of a CNC Router?

What Decide the Price of a CNC Router?

ChinaCNCzone 2016-05-31 17:43:13
The CNC routers are widely used in the shaping of wood and other materials and have many design specifications. Several factors, therefore, affect the cost of a CNC router, including whether it is new or reconditioned, how fast it can process material, whether it has multiple spindle heads or not, among others.
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Since year of 2011, the lowest cost of a CNC router is easily ten times less than the highest level machine, so selecting the appropriate one can involve some searching to compare features and prices. Routers made in nations such as China, where labor costs are low, are also much less expensive versus comparable models made in Europe or the United States.

Since a mini CNC router can be over 100 times cheaper than an industrial model, it is important to define the factors that go into such a wide range of prices in the cost. A mini CNC router also called a desktop CNC router or hobby CNC router, they are usually with small table area, the working area from 300x200mm to 600x900mm and so on such as our hot sale CNC 6040, CNC 3040, CNC 6090. They often are constructed of materials such as wood and aluminum, and the cutting action is very simple. Though they must have a controller system to qualify as a CNC machine, but they are mini CNC type which ideal for hobbyist and small workshop.

Very high-end models affect the cost of a CNC router by having up to four to five cutting axes instead of the traditional three. The table size is very big, and the machines are several tons worth of high-grade steel. Some have multiple cutting spindles and built-in computer controls, Tolerances are still at the 0.0005 inch (0.0127 millimeter) maximum level, however, and training services offered by the seller are offered for an extra fee. CNC router parts for these machines will also be the most expensive, and the equipment often comes with a warranty to protect against manufacturer defects.

Which one you will need? Before you buying, we need to consider that what we will need the machine to do. If high end, the price must be higher, and as far as now, the mini CNC machine are the most of affordable kinds of CNC routers, but if you need to fulfill high-end task, that is really hard for them.