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The More You Share, The More You Get!-ChinaCNCzone Company Culture

  • Author:ChinaCNCzone
  • Release on:2016-01-06

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On June 4, 2015, more than forty China Exporters, manufacturers and foreign traders in Shenzhen visited Scotle Technology Group Limited.

As a leading China CNC router manufacturer, CO2 laser engraving machine factory, and China cnc engraving machine exporter and also as a famous member with 8 years experience on the biggest international B2B platform---Alibaba, Scotle Technology never stopped make breakthrough during these years. Since the mini cnc router factory established in 2008, in the next years, the warehouses were set in USA, UK, Germany and Australia separately. Even in a very competitive market atmosphere , Scotle team always keeps the vitality, and more and more customers know Scotle and select Scotle.

How Scotle make this?
And what other companies can learn from Scotle?
So more than forty China Exporters, manufacturers and foreign traders get together by Alibaba, and came to visit Scotle office to take part in a seminar held by Scotle.

Jack, the CEO of Scotle Technology, shared his points as below:
If we want to keep a company competitive and powerful, the talent recruitment is so important. Only find the right person, then we can build the excellent team. But how we can do this?
Jack shared many practical methods without reservations.

The seminar held for 5 hours, each company expressed their opinions,
Each company learn from each other.

After the seminar finished, all companies were shown around in Scotle. They can feel Scotle’s company culture: Dream, Love, Health and Team working.

Scotle Technology is a company like to share, we always believe, only through sharing, we can learn more and get more. And then we can become better and better together. That’s is our team.

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