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How to Select a Desktop CNC Router?

How to Select a Desktop CNC Router?

ChinaCNCzone 2016-04-28 12:28:44
How to Select a Desktop CNC Router?
desktop CNC router
Generally speaking, a desktop CNC router is also called a mini CNC router which is a kind of mini CNC machine, and its price lower then full size ones and also they can be widely used in different fields for small businesses and hobbyists.

A standard feature of a desktop CNC router is an engine providing one or two horsepower, running off 120 volts of electricity. This makes the machine convenient to use inside a typical commercial or home workshop.

A desktop CNC router is with compact size to save space and storage, as well as cost of transportation.

How to select a desktop CNC router?  Today let us give you some simple suggestions。

First, select a desktop CNC router that does not take up much space because it this is very important if your business is planning to expand in the near future, a smaller size desktop CNC machine can be easily to be shifted around or moved to a different place any you want.

Second, limitations may be significant for a desktop CNC router in comparison with industrial CNC routers since the size and lower price generally mean it will have fewer features.

So before buying, verify that the desktop CNC router is able to handle all the functions your business requires and will allow additional functions to be added in the future.
Third, Generally speaking, a desktop CNC router usually focus on the needs of a specific industry, material or task, so research should be done beforehand to make sure the proper model is selected.

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