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How Much You Know the Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

How Much You Know the Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

ChinaCNCzone 2016-04-25 14:52:31

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Most of the time we need to use Mini CNC machine Such as CNC 6040, CNC 3040 for general engraving material like acrylic, wood, and soft metallic --other, aim for metal and very hard materials Such as steel and aluminum, Above products can not meet the demand, sometimes we need more Powerful Fiber Laser Marking Machine to finish task as below:

Fiber Laser Marking Machine sample

Why has fiber laser marking machines System is better?
1. Producing Higher beam quality, higher photoelectric conversion, marking the quality will be more finer and Higher precision.
2. Small Size wtih Air cooling, no water chiller.
3. No laser source maintenance (100,000 hours service time), Easy to adjust focus,
low operation cost (LOw power consumption)
Maintenance free without routine replacement of consumables
Easy to use by unskilled operator
4. Old lamp and diode pump laser marking machine
Both need maintain the laser source (laser diode lamp replace every year or modular)
aussi year require water chiller to control heat

How many kinds of laser marking machine? Which one suits you?
1.Diode Side-pump type (Green, UV laser marking machines)
Often used for marking metal, like bearings, cans, hardware, craft & amp; trophy and so on.
2.Diode End-pump type
Often used for digital marking products, keyboard, IC, electronic parts and Some Other high-end products.
3.Fiber Type
Suitable for marking keyboard, IC, for high precision metal components, electronic parts, craft & amp; trophy and so on.
4.CO2 Type
Applicable for wood, paper, PVC, ABS, resin, EP, acrylic, leather, glass and all non-metal materials.

You know different kinds of materials following different type of laser marking machine?

Material Suitable Laser Marker Type
Metal and Alloy Side-pump Diode Type
Metal and Hard alloy Side-pump Diode Type
(Deep mark on bearing)
Metallic Oxide Side-pump Diode Type
End-pump Diode Type
Fiber Type
Phosphide and Plate Surface Side-pump Diode Type
End-pump Diode Type
Fiber Type
ABS shell Side-pump Diode Type
End-pump Diode Type
CO2 Type
PCB End-Pump Diode Type
Fiber Type
Ink film (EG: Keyboard) Side-pump Diode Type
End-pump Diode Type
Fiber Type
Epoxy resin (EG: Capacitance) CO2 Type
normal glass CO2 Type
PVC (EP: Tubin, Wire) CO2 Type
PMMA (Acrylic) CO2 Type
polycarbonate PC CO2 Type
(EP: High anti-impact requirements transparent products)
Unsaturated polyester (EP: Fastener) CO2 Type
PU (sole, dermatin, paint) CO2 Type
organic glass (EP: daily necessities) CO2 Type
Wood, Paper, 3M paper label CO2 Type
Leather, fur CO2 Type