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ChinaCNCzone Spring Festival Notice for 2018!

ChinaCNCzone Spring Festival Notice for 2018!

ChinaCNCzone 2018-01-29 11:45:54

Hi,dear ChinaCNCzone customers and users,
Thanks for you selecting ChinaCNCzone mini CNC machine, and thanks for your support in the past years,we will be in China Spring holiday during 10th-22nd,Fe,2018.We will leave for about two weeks.

Even though, ChinaCNCzone factory will prepare part of inventory before the holiday, but generally speaking, at the beginning of each year, because the human source could not meet the demand, all product material supplying will be slower than usual,and our mini CNC machine products supplying such as CNC 3040, CNC 6040,CNC 6090 and mini 5 axis CNC milling machine would be a little slower than usual, too. So, in order to make the business go smoothly, please kindly prepare part of inventory in advance for local agency.

And during our Spring festival holiday, booking orders will be accepted,and all orders will be processed after the holiday.For our Russia warehouse, it will be back to normal after 28th, Feb, 2018.

Dear customers, ChinaCNCzone team wish you a best new year! Let’s create a bigger new future in 2018 together! ChinaCNCzone, to be your best mini CNC machine supplier.

PS: ChinaCNCzone DEPS exhibition will be held during 3th-6th, March, 2018, welcome to visit us on there!