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8 FAQs on Mach3 and G-code for Hobby Desktop Small 5 Axis CNC Machine HY 3040 and HY 6040

8 FAQs on Mach3 and G-code for Hobby Desktop Small 5 Axis CNC Machine HY 3040 and HY 6040

ChinaCNCzone 2017-12-04 15:53:18
small 5 Axis CNC
1.What is the G-code difference when do positioning machining and linkage machining by the 5th axis?
This is not about the mini 5 axis CNC machine product itself, it is about the G-code running method.If the all the axis of the machine executes the G-code simultaneously, we call it linkage running. If each axis runs separately, that is positioning machining.

2.What are the differences of MACH3 software used in 5 axis CNC and 3 axis CNC router?
The setting of the 5 axis CNC machine can be used on 3 axis CNC router(just need to set the X,Y,Z AXIS only), but 5 axis CNC need to set all axis such as X,Y,Z, A and B.

3.The MACH3 has no function for CAD and program, what CAD or CAM software you recomend?
Now chinaCNCzone users uses solidwork CAM ,Powermill , Arecam, as we know before,the fusion 360 can support max 4 axis CNC router, but now, we are told, it can support 5 axis CNC router too.

4.The MACH3 software for mini 5 axis CNC machine is only need to buy once and then life-long using? Or need to pay a yearly fee?
MACH3 software needd you to pay $175 once for the certificate, but this only suports Win 7 32 bits. The official website for buying is: http://www.machsupport.com/software/mach3/

5.Have the guide for MACH3 software setting up?
Yes, we provide the guide for mach3 setting, but if without any experience for mini 5 axis CNC router using,  a manual is not enough. We suggest users to take CNC training class. We do not provide CNC training.

6.If you can provide a validated five-axis machining program (G-code),
Yes, we have.

7. What material needs for validating the G-code you provide?
Wood or PVC

8.What router bits for running this g-code?
ChinaCNCzone only manufactures the mini CNC machine, and we do not supply router bits, but can give little suggest for the router bits, and the router bits factory will be more professional.

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