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2 Tips for Beginners to Using a Mini CNC Milling Machine

  • Author:ChinaCNCzone
  • Release on:2016-07-04
As we know, with a mini CNC router, you can build many things that you are interested.
Let’s assume you have a mini CNC milling machine that you’ve just acquired, but that you know very little about CNC. What we should do to make it working smoothly?
Today let ChinaCNCzone Share with you 4 main tips as below:

First, buy some suitable milling cutter for your using, complicated task and harder material need to equip with better milling cutter. And the price is much higher too. If simple task for acrylic, color Board, PVC, wood, MDF, general milling mills for made by tungsten steel ok. The milling cutter mainly has 1/2″ size, 1/4″ size and 3/16″ size.
You are going to break some cutters, so just get over it and be used to the idea.  It’s a good thing at this stage to remind you to wear your safety glasses. And buy more for spare using.
CNC milling bits

Second, try to select simple task to do practice. For example, start out with wood, acrylic, MDF, and to avoid difficult materials for your first cuts. After you’re doing okay there, graduate to soft metallic material such as aluminum, copper and brass.  Only after you feel like you’ve pretty well mastered cuts in these materials, you’re not breaking or wearing cutters out too quickly, and your surface finishes no longer look like the material was attacked by a pack of rabies-infected beavers should you even consider a difficult material like more harder.
Mini CNC milling machine sample
CNC milling Sample
Actually, mini CNC milling machine made by chinaCNCzone, such as CNC 3040, CNC 6040, CNC 6090, and HY-3040, they ideal for hobbyist and small workshop, that is why to we call them Hobby CNC router and Desktop CNC router. Such kinds of mini CNC milling machine are really ideal for beginners who learn to use CNC machine.

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