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What the Advantages of a Cooling System for our CNC 6090 Router?

  • Автор:ChinaCNCzone
  • Отпустите на:2016-07-12
Mini CNC router, we also called it Hobby CNC router and desktop CNC router, they are affordable for hobbyist to save money and small size for small workshop to save room space. Now mini CNC routers made by ChinaCNCzone has many different series such as CNC 6040, CNC 3040 and HY-6040 to help users to realize different functions.
CNC 6090 Router
As a leading mini CNC machine manufacturer in China, ChinaCNCzone never stop to update and develop new products for our users, take our new released 6090 CNC router for example, a cooling system for CNC router bits and a water sink are recently added. What they can do more for us? Let us introduce today. 
CNC 6090 Router with Cooling System

First, make hard material engraving such as aluminum, jewelry and jade efficiently and protect the the CNC router bits from broken from high temperature.
CNC 6090 Router for Aluminum
Second, prolong the working time of the machine itself.  When without the cooling system, the router bits will get broken off if work continuous 6 hours, but with it, in our test, the mini CNC router can work more then 48 hours without any problems.

For our 6090 CNC router, many new functions added, for more details, please kindly go to below link:

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