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How to Do When the USB Receiver of the CNC XHC MPG Handwheel can't be Recognized by Computer

  • Author:ChinaCNCzone
  • Release on:2017-08-10
The Wireless MPG Mach3 CNC Pendant Handwheel is comaptible with 3 Axis,4 Axis Mach3 CNC Router CNC 3040, CNC 6040, CNC 6090 and HY 3040, HY 6040 made by ChinaCNCzone--The leading Mini CNC Machine manufacturer.

Many customers and users like to use the CNC XHC HB04 MPG handwheel to control the mini CNC routers.
But how to do when the USB receiver of the CNC XHC HB04 MPG Handwheel can't be Recognized by Computer?
Today, let us share with you the below solutions:

How to repair the disconnect solder joint of USB receiver?
CNC XHC HB04 MPG Handwheel

First,Open the shell of the USB receiver. 
Second,find out the 2 solder joints ( marked by red dot), you need to re-weld and reinforce them. (They are the most possible disconnected pots.) After that, you insert the USB receiver in the computer, to see if it can be recognized normally. 
mach3 mpg pendant USB receiver
Third, after the first step, what if the computer still can't recognize the receiver, proceed to next step. 

Fourth,on the other side of board of receiver, you can see these another 4 solder joints.
(Attention!! : They are 4 different and independent joints, when you re-weld them, please do not let them adhere to each other together. )
cnc pendant USB receiver repair
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