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ChinaCNCzone: USB CNC Controller V.S Mach 3 USB Controller

ChinaCNCzone: USB CNC Controller V.S Mach 3 USB Controller

ChinaCNCzone 2016-04-20 19:04:56
usb cnc controller mach3
Our mini CNC machines such as CNC 3040, CNC 6040, CNC 6090 made by ChinaCNCzone can support Mach 3 software by parallel port and USB CNC software by USB interface, and now our 6040 CNC Router and 6090 CNC router can also be compatible with our new updated Mach 3 USB controller.

USB CNC controller or Mach 3 USB controller? Which one better? Actually, we can not tell you directly, but let us make simple comparisons for you.

First, what software they can support?
Mach 3 USB controller only support mach 3 software. (ChinaCNCzone provide mach 3 crack English version for free and original version by paying for 4 different language)

USB CNC controller: two kinds of softwares, only USB CNC software when use the USB interface (ChinaCNCzone provide USB CNC software for free.), but when use parallel port with computer, only mach 3 software.

Second, support computer system
Mach 3 USB controller: Win 7 32 Bits.
USB CNC controller: Win 10, Win 8,Win 7,Win xp 
Note: No matter mach 3 software or USB CNC software, if you update the Win system, you need to do a backup for both first in order to use the already registered software as before.

Third, support language
Mach 3 software: Crack version only English and Chinese, Original: English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian.
USB CNC software: provides different languages for free.

Fourth, mach3 software is more popular than USB CNC software because more users are familiar with it, and it is more easier and efficient for them to operate. 
And some users like USB CNC software too. Because it has special advantages such as it is free and it support multi-language and also work very steady too.

Fifth: Cost
Mach 3 USB controller: most users are familiar with Mach 3 software, so mach 3 USB controller means operating easily and saving time. Even though the cost is a little higher, customers still like to select it.
USB CNC controller: free Multi-language and also work very steady, and cost less, many users also like it too.