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ChinaCNCzone Team Building—The Tug of War

ChinaCNCzone Team Building—The Tug of War

ChinaCNCzone 2016-01-23 13:26:47

If we do what we love, we’ll never work a day in our life. Working in a team where everyone here is friendly and energetic, you will be happy and full of energy. The motto of ChinaCNCzone is health, love and dream. It encourages all of staff to provide good products and service to all customers from all over the world.

ChinaCNCzone not only  focuses on CNC engraving machine, mini CNC router (CNC 3040, CNC 6040) and CO2 laser engraving machine manufacturing. It also focuses on team building development. We encourage staffs to take part in all kinds of activities.

Our company has organized various activities like basketballs games, badminton game, swimming and so on. In these activities, we learn how to grow up and how to get along with others. As we all know, staff development is the base of enterprise development. Our company focuses on staff development, which created a mutual respect and the pursuit of a professional corporate culture.

In the afternoon of May 29, our company had a tug of war. All of the staff took part in it. This is a really funny activity. Everyone is so happy no matter who wins the game. In this activity, the staff can learn how to cooperate with others. In addition, thorough this activity, the staff can have more chances to understand each other.

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