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What Decides the Engraving Depth and Engraving Time of the Desktop Mini CO2 Laser Engraver Machine&a

  • Auteur:ChinaCNCzone
  • Relâchez le:2016-04-08

China Mini CNC Engraving Machine 1

As we known, CO2 laser engraver is much faster than China Mini CNC Engraving Machine, but it can not engrave hard materials such as aluminum, copper, brass and any metallic materials, because the melting points of metallic material are too high.
Generally speaking, CO2 laser engraver can be widely used to cut or engrave materials such as acryl, timber, leather, plastic, glass, organic glass, PVC material, cloth, rubber, bamboo, jade and so on.
Many customers asked ushow depth we can engrave and how long it will take when we use a CO2 3D laser engraver?

Today, let share some information about aboved questions.

China Mini CNC Engraving Machine 2

First, there are three factors decide the engraving depth of the CO2 laser engraver.
a. The hardness of the materials. The harder the material, the thinner the CO2 laser engraver can cut.

b. The power of the laser tube of the CO2 DIY laser engraver. 40W, 50W, 60W, 80W CO2 laser engraver are with much different depth, the bigger the power laser tube, the thicker the machine can engrave.

c. The engraving speed of the CO2 laser engraving machine. This can be adjusted by users. The higher speed, the deeper it can engrave.

Second, there are two factors decide the time spent on engraving
a.The size of the product for engraving. If the size bigger, the time for engraving will be longer.

b. The working speed of the  laser engraver. We can adjust by two ways, one through adjusting laser tube power on machine control panel, the other is to adjust the X, Y, Z speed through software.

China Mini CNC Engraving Machine 3

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