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ChinaCNCzone CNC Jig Fixture Clamp Holder Plate for Easy CNC Machining

  • ChinaCNCzone CNC Jig Fixture Clamp Holder Plate for Easy CNC Machining
CNC Jig Fixture Clamp Holder Plate for Easy CNC Machining.
ChinaCNCzone design, compatible with all mini CNC machine such as metal CNC router 3040, 5 axis CNC 6040, CNC 6090 and so on.

What are the features for this ChinaCNCzone CNC Jig Fixture Clamp Holder Plate ?

Quick clip of CNC engraving machines platen
Fixture Engraving Machine CNC Router Fastening Platen Quick Clamp Plate Tool
This item can clamp the engraving materials quickly, not only can save working time, but also improve engraving efficiency. It can hold and fix the materials in working table tightly.
Press-down can hold the material firmly, pull-up can release the item easily, convenient in usage, efficient in operation.

Name: Clamp Fixture/CNC engraving machine plate
Main Material: Aluminum

Anhänger:Mini CNC
Scotle Technology Group Limited



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