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6 Pieces Basic Information for Hobby Mini 5 Axis CNC Router HY 3040 and HY 6040 from ChinaCNCzone

  • Autore:ChinaCNCzone
  • Rilasciare il:2017-12-01
Hobby mini 5 axis CNC machine HY-3040 and HY-6040 made by ChinaCNCzone are very hot sale for its high efficiency and low cost. Today, ChinaCNCzone team will share with you 6  Pieces Basic Information for these two products themselves.
5 Axis CNC machine
First,What is the max speed of Spindle?
The max speed of spindle is 24000RPM, actually we seldom use the max speed in actual use. Generally specking, the harder the material, the slower the working spindle. And for wood and other soft material, higher spindle speed is good for shavings removing and smooth engraving.

Second, w hat is the max and mini rotary degree for A-axis?
+- 90 degree

Third,w hat is the max and mini rotary degree for C-axis?
Actually, the fifth axis of our HY 3040 and HY 6040 is B axis, and the sixth axis is C axis.
But some other mini 5 axis CNC machine call the 5th .axis the C axis, so the G-code of C axis of a 5 axis CNC machine can not be compatible.

Fourth,a bout the M-code for A xis and C axis
ChinaCNCzone mini 5 axis CNC machine has no special M-code, and they are circuit integrated, power on is locked.

Fifth, how long is the life expectancy of this machine? How long is the machine warranty life (can replace parts for free)?
Two years warranty, our company supplies mini 5 CNC machine for 4th year, the quality and after-sale service is steady and mature. Spare parts is free within 2 years if no human damage , customers only need to pay the shipping cost.

Sixth, Does the mini 5 axis CNC machine HY 3040 and hy 6040 drive part have lubrication system?
No, it needs manual lubrication.

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